About Me


My name is Michael Callejas @mike.callejas, I have been in the network marketing industry for 12 years.  I am partnered with USANA Health Sciences and I am considered one of the top associates world wide.  USANA gave me a solid foundation and I wouldn't leave this company for another EVER!!!!  Im here for more than the opportunity.  I'm here for the products and relationships I've built over the years.  USANA isn't just the company I "market" for they are my FAMILY.  

My journey to the top was a tough one, my first year was like most network marketers... IT SUCKED!  I lost friends, not USANA or the INDUSTRIES fault but my own.  I tried twisting arms to enroll into my opportunity.  I forced family members and friends to buy products that they didn't feel they needed.  Now some people think that I did them a disservice. I however, feel like I did them a favor.  As I mentioned above USANA has amazing products and I feel they have improved my life and the lives of several of my customers.  As a matter of fact some of the customers that ordered from me on day 1 are still my customers today.  

The unfortunate part of this industry, for me, actually has nothing to do with the concept nor does it have anything to do with the company.  It has a lot to do with my approach.  I was trained by a millionaire in the industry (ill keep his name anonymous) and he taught me the 5 M's MORE MEETINGS MEANS MORE MONEY!!!  He also taught me A B C ALWAYS BE CLOSING (Glengarry Glen Ross).  He was very talented and I thank him for everything he showed me.  I can honestly say if it wasn't for him id still be at a job today (and my job really sucked believe me).  The point is that our industry is known for that.

- Call up your friends

- Invite them to a meeting and don't say much

- Do a solid 1 hour presentation

- Close them 

- Train them to do what you just did

If this doesn't sound familiar at all then I commend you.  Please reach out to me and give me your secrets... IM ALL EARS!

Oddly enough though IT WORKED!!!!

I know people that have made millions with that strategy!!!

Times have changed though and we live in a world where people want answers for everything and they want them NOW!  Its the twitter age and attention spans have shrunk to less than 160 characters.  People have a hard time sitting through a 5 minute youtube video.  ITS CRAZY!  Our industry now is competing with so many side gigs out there that offer very lucrative opportunities for individuals to make a couple of grand a month with very little risk or start up capital.  

I firmly believe that there is a place for network marketing.  It needs to evolve, it needs a brand refresh... I remember when it was called MLM and now its called network marketing.  What happened??? it evolved!!! 

I think the new term will be something like "digital direct selling" or "social network marketing" whatever its called it will change! that much I promise!!!

My vision is that people can build a "network marketing" business 100% online. 

Im taking some serious strides everyday and its challenging, fun and very rewarding.  Send me a DM (direct message on Instagram or facebook) if you want to talk more and I hope to meet you Online or heck maybe even the old fashion way... IN PERSON.